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SubjectRe: Drivers under 2.4
Danny ter Haar wrote:
> According to Andi Kleen:
> > "Doesn't work" isn't a very useful bug report. What happens exactly?
> > Do the RX/TX/error counters increase when you try to send packets?
> no, the counters you see with ifconfig eth0 are set to zero
> for rx and to 1 for tx.
> So it's trying to send out data but somehow it doesn't work.
> Since the driver version is the same (althoud the output is
> slihtly different which seems odd) i suspect the PCI
> probing to be folded somewhere.
> How could i provide people with more info ?

There's a "reporting problems" section at the end
of Documentation/networking/vortex.txt. Should help.

Probably the most important thing is inserting the driver
module with `debug=7', opening the device, sending some
traffic and then sending us the logs.
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