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SubjectRe: Cannot compile my kernel due to unpredictible situations:

On 2001.01.12 Gregg Lloyd wrote:
> the right 2.4 kernel?? (Kernel howto talks about going to /usr/src/linux and
> start compiling..but current /usr/src/linux is a link to my current 2.2.5
> kernel !!!)
So you have just wrote kernel2.4 OVER your kernel2.2.

Kernel tarballs always untar and give a directory named 'linux'. So suppose
you have a setup like:
ls /usr/src:
linux -> linux-2.2.5

If you untar linux-2.4.0.tar.gz in /usr/src, it writes over 'linux' that points
to you 2.2.5.
What I usually do is
rm -f linux (is just a link)
gtar zxf linux-2.4.0.tar.gz (gives a new REAL directory named 'linux')
mv linux linux-2.4.0
ln -s linux-2.4.0 linux

I don't know why kernels are not tarred as linux-X.X.X, but there will be
a reason, I suppose... (that will ease very much everyone's life).

J.A. Magallon $> cd pub $> more beer

Linux werewolf 2.4.0-ac5 #1 SMP Wed Jan 10 23:36:11 CET 2001 i686

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