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From signer broken?
The signature on man-pages-1.34.tar.gz is bad:

gpg: Signature made Sun Dec 24 10:56:01 2000 CST using DSA key ID
gpg: BAD signature from "Linux Kernel Archives Verification Key

I retrieved the man pages from and
with ftp(1) from NetKit and lftp. The md5sum's of all match:

13d544485d6021e3b0585ad963bfd814 man-pages-1.34.tar.gz
29f314640ef28a47f0ed15247c1efcd7 man-pages-1.34.tar.gz.sign

(transfered the .sign file in both bin and ascii modes, no differance)

Everything else I've gotten recently has had a valid signature;
linux-2.4.0.tar.gz and patch-2.4.1-pre1.gz.

Since man pages can be used as trojans, this may be a problem.

Jeremy M. Dolan <>
OpenPGP key =
OpenPGP fingerprint = 494C 7A6E 19FB 026A 1F52 E0D5 5C5D 6228 DC43 3DEE
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