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SubjectRe: Anyone else interested in a high-precision monotonic counter?
"Christopher Friesen" <> wrote:

> Manfred Bartz wrote:
> > Why a new system call?
> Well, you'd be accessing a different kernel variable--"ytime" instead of
> "xtime". This new variable wouldn't be adjusted when the system
> time/date was, it would start at zero and always increase.

> > have you looked at the return-value of times(2)
> > Or roll your own using setitimer(2)
> Both of these are precise only to jiffies, which defaults at 10
> milliseconds on x86 and PPC. If you want microsecond timing, the only
> current standard way to do it is to use gettimeofday(), which is
> sensitive to changes in system date and time.

Ok. A monotonic, high resolution timer would be useful.

Maybe one should then push for a full implementation of xtime


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