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SubjectRe: Strange umount problem in latest 2.4.0 kernels

On 2001.01.11 wrote:
> > The "none" bit puzzles me the most.
> It is a common misconfiguration. Given a line
> device dir type options garbage
> in /etc/fstab, some umount versions will complain "device busy"
> when the umount fails. Thus, it is better to use
> proc /proc proc
> devpts /dev/pts devpts
> instead of
> none /proc proc
> none /dev/pts devpts
> so as to avoid this silly "none busy".
> But many distributions come misconfigured like this.

Same cam be applied to shm ? Thus kernel Documentation/Changes should be

System V shared memory is now implemented via a virtual filesystem.
You do not have to mount it to use it. SYSV shared memory limits are
set via /proc/sys/kernel/shm{max,all,mni}. You should mount the
filesystem under /dev/shm to be able to use POSIX shared
memory. Adding the following line to /etc/fstab should take care of

none /dev/shm shm defaults 0 0


shm /dev/shm shm defaults 0 0

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Linux werewolf 2.4.0-ac5 #1 SMP Wed Jan 10 23:36:11 CET 2001 i686

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