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SubjectRe: Compatibility issue with 2.2.19pre7
>>>>> " " == Trond Myklebust <> writes:

> - if (file->f_handle.fh_dcookie == fh->fh_dcookie &&
> - !memcmp(&file->f_handle, fh, sizeof(*fh)))
> + if (file->f_handle.fh_dcookie == fh.fh_dcookie &&
> + !memcmp(&file->f_handle, &fh, sizeof(fh)))
> goto found;

Come to think of it, this line looks pretty insane. Why on earth are
we testing fh_dcookie twice?

I suspect that just the elimination of the redundant comparison in the
above line would eliminate Russell's problem entirely, given that it's
the only place in the entire routine where we actually reference

In all other cases, we're referencing ordinary integers. Are there any
alignment requirements on them?

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