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SubjectRe: linux-2.4.0 scsi problems on NetFinity servers
I sent an email to the NetFinity mailing list, and here is there response
after they started testing with 2.4.0. FYI: I've tried all suggestions
(non-SMP, flag at boot time,...) and none of them have worked yet; I did
see that someone thought they had found an nfs bug and posted a patch for
it, so I'm gonna patch and test next.

Still looking into it )



Firebirds rule, `stangs serve!

Kenneth "kenbo" Brunsen
Iris Associates
----- Forwarded by Ken Brunsen/Iris on 01/11/01 02:37 PM -----

For Linux" To:
<ipslinux@us. cc:> Subject: Re: linux-2.4.0 scsi problems on NetFinity servers

12:38 PM

We have been able to reproduce this problem in our lab ( using ServeRAID )
. We have also seen this same lockup at least once in a system which did
not contain any ServeRAID ( only Adaptec ). Our engineers are
investigating this issue at this time and we are also notifying the Red Hat
engineers of the problem.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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