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On Tue, Jan 09, 2001, Kambo Lohan <> wrote:
; I am having the same problems, I have duplicated the hard lockups / ethernet
; hangs on two intel 815EE boards. It happens when send traffic through the
; onboard eepro100 is high, and sometimes running something like vmstat 1 in
; the background triggers the lockup faster. When it locks up there is
; nothing in the log, no oops or anything. Sometimes it just hangs eth0 with
; the (cmd timeout) msgs and an ifconfig down/up fixes it temporarily.


can you run the driver with a high debug flag and log what is going on,
make sure you have alot of space since it talks alot.

The card seems to be locking up with a couple of commands in the register that
are not known to me, my specs don't list them, hopefully the new specs talk
about it. At this time it's not known where the command comes from, I am
working on a patch that will tell a bit more about that...

I knew I was alone, I was scared, it was getting dark and
it was a hardware problem.

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