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SubjectRe: USB Keyboards for x86/uhci in 2.4- kernels?
Date said:
> In BIOS my USB keyboard works really poorly - it almost seems
> scancodes get dropped left and right. Ok, so I don't mind too much,
> i'm sure BIOS has a very limited driver. After booting Microsoft's
> offerring, it would work fine after it installs its driver. I also
> tried this same keyboard on a HPUX Visualize C3600 workstation and it
> also works nicely.

> However linux would never fix this "scancode drop" syndrome even
> after loading the hid or usbkbd driver.

I'm using a USB keyboard (on x86/uhci) without too much trouble.

Occasionally I seem to miss a key release event, causing the thing to
autorepeat until I hit the key and release it again.

Also, the behaviour on pressing multiple keys simultaneously seems to be
strange - 'grep' tends to come out as 'grerp' and 'mount' as 'mouunt' if I
type them fast enough. That may simply be the keyboard's fault though.


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