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SubjectRe: USB Keyboards for x86/uhci in 2.4- kernels?
On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 11:55:14PM -0700, Benson Chow wrote:
> Anyone tried using these beasts on a x86?
> Anyway, what's happening: In BIOS my USB keyboard works really poorly -
> it almost seems scancodes get dropped left and right. Ok, so I don't mind
> too much, i'm sure BIOS has a very limited driver. After booting
> Microsoft's offerring, it would work fine after it installs its driver.
> I also tried this same keyboard on a HPUX Visualize C3600 workstation and
> it also works nicely.
> However linux would never fix this "scancode drop" syndrome even after
> loading the hid or usbkbd driver. Both my Via uhci USB motherboard and
> PIIX3 USB motherboard exhibit this usb keyboard strangeness
> with the hid or usbkbd driver is installed. I think the PIIX3
> motherboard's bios doesnt handle USB properly so it doesn't even work in
> BIOS setup. Any idea what's going on? Is there some other driver or
> utility I need to install/run to get it working? Maybe just my bad bios?
> BTW: my USB Mouse, and USB Printer seem to work nicely in 2.4.0-release.
> USB KBD: NMB USB 104-key PC-Style
> USB Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse w/Intellieye 1.0, Logitech Optical Wheel
> USB Printer: HP Deskjet 880C
> USB Hub: Belkin 4-port
> Intel 82437SB(?) PIIX3 and Via 82C686(?) USB controller
> Working: Stock HPUX10.2 HP Visualize C3600 PARISC2 Workstation
> Working: Microsoft Windows 98 First Edition on the Via.

What modules are loaded?
What's in /proc/bus/usb/devices?
What's in dmesg?

Vojtech Pavlik
SuSE Labs
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