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Subject2.2.18: writing an R/O floppy

I don't know if it's possible to make fd a read-only device if the
inserted media is write-protected, but I had a strange problem:

I had inserted a write protected floppy and accessed it via autofs as
vfat in 2.2.18. It worked. Some time later it had expired (and I'm not
sure whether I had changed floppies in the meantime).

When I tried an "mdel a:*", it did terminate without message, but a
later "mdir a:" showed all the files there. The kernel had
unsuccessfully tried to write to the floppy however.

It's a bit hard to reproduce that, but I could guess that the disc-
change ore write-protect status was not updated in some case.

Maybe it rings some bell for one of you; if not, never mind.


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