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SubjectRe: Problem with module versioning in 2.4.0
Well in any case, the problem was solved by my turning off module
versioning. Regardless of how and why. All other things being equal
(as in the .config I provided) CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y produces the errors
reported (PCMCIA not working, and unix.o not loading) and when it is not
defined, everything works smoothly.

Alan Cox wrote:
> > See below for my origional problem. It seems the problem lies in the
> > module versioning option.
> Not quite
> > When the system boots, I am spammed with the following line:
> > insmod: /lib/modules/2.4.0/kernel/net/unix/unix.o: insmod net-pf-1
> > failed
> What happens is this
> kernel needs unix sockets
> kernel invokes modprobe
> modprobe opens a unix socket
> kernel needs unix sockets
> kernel invokes modprobe
> .....


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