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SubjectRe: unexplained high load
On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Hacksaw wrote:

> >don't think
> >w,uptime,top give the same value
> The fact that they all give the same value does not indicate that you have not
> been cracked. Obviously, part of the hacking is to cover trails; it'd be a
> pretty poor job if they reported different values.
i also checked the files, they are not replaced last few months

> The mm stuff from your other message is, I think, an indication that you might
> be being hit by a memory management bug that was corrected in 2.2.19pre2.
> It is my sincere belief that you will need to upgrade your kernel, but
> you are in no serious danger.
ok so i'll have to upgrade
2.2.19pre7 is the latest i saw, is this one running stable ?
or should i better wait some time
(the 1.00 load doesn't really botter me, if i don't get any other errors
because of this bug)

> If it's a firewall box, you should be running tripwire or some free variation,
> to help eliminate the possibility that cracking would go undetected.
it's my homebox, connected to a cable modem
so it's not mission critical

what exactly is that tripwire you talk about ?
(never heard of it)

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