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SubjectRE: Which driver took effect?

I looked at some outputs and

at least tell you some info, but not consistent (ie, consider:
tnl@anna:~ > cat /proc/interrupts
0: 80119205 XT-PIC timer
1: 2 XT-PIC keyboard
2: 0 XT-PIC cascade
3: 3213269 XT-PIC NE2000
11: 501898 XT-PIC eth0
12: 0 XT-PIC PS/2 Mouse
13: 1 XT-PIC fpu
14: 445106 XT-PIC ide0
NMI: 0

tnl@anna:~ > cat /proc/ioports
0000-001f : dma1
0020-003f : pic1
0040-005f : timer
0060-006f : keyboard
0080-008f : dma page reg
00a0-00bf : pic2
00c0-00df : dma2
00f0-00ff : fpu
01f0-01f7 : ide0
0210-021f : 3c509
02f8-02ff : serial(auto)
0300-031f : NE2000
03c0-03df : vga+
03f6-03f6 : ide0
03f8-03ff : serial(auto)

Should I grep for interface name or driver name?? The eth0/3c509 doesn't even report itself the same way in those two lists. That's on kernel 2.2 though. On my other machine with only a tulip card it reported eth0 on all 3 /proc files. Is 2.4 more consistent, or is it a property of the tulip driver to be more consistent?)

If you have two cards which use the same driver, and you build the driver into the kernel (non-modular), you can specify on the kernel commandline which card should be first, second etc. For my case, which is modular, I put the following in /etc/modules.conf:

alias eth0 3c509
alias eth1 ne

Of course, it requires manual configuration per PC and that's probably not what you wanted for a bootdisk...

And scanning dmesg is indeed just the road to ugly hacks, although it does seem common practice to report as <interface:drivername at ...> so that perhaps an interface name can be linked to a drivername and both can be used to scan thru /proc/ioports and /proc/interrupts... Yes, sounds terribly hacky, sounds like perl or python are wanted for this, sounds like a job too large for a bootdisk...

I'm sorry that I can't help you! I thought that /proc/interrupts etc was good advice and then found out that it's as messy :-(


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