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Subject[uPATCH] Nulling mmap_cache iff needed (2.4.0)

The following (trivial) patch against 2.4.0 (but should apply cleanly
against 241p1) makes do_munmap only null our precious cache if the
pointer contained therein is invalidated by the unmapping. I doubt it
will make any measurable difference but it seems straightforward
enough to be done anyway.

Running kernel compiles and starting X/gnome with this patch raises my
cache hit rate a couple of percentage points, and I have a feeling that
there might be work loads out there that hit this kernel path more often
that these.


diff -aur linux-2.4.0-clean/mm/mmap.c linux/mm/mmap.c
--- linux-2.4.0-clean/mm/mmap.c Sat Dec 30 18:35:19 2000
+++ linux/mm/mmap.c Tue Jan 9 23:30:03 2001
@@ -712,7 +712,10 @@
if (mm->mmap_avl)
avl_remove(mpnt, &mm->mmap_avl);
- mm->mmap_cache = NULL; /* Kill the cache. */
+ if (mm->mmap_cache && mm->mmap_cache->vm_start < addr+len
+ && mm->mmap_cache->vm_end > addr)
+ mm->mmap_cache = NULL; /* Kill the cache. */

/* Ok - we have the memory areas we should free on the 'free' list,


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