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SubjectRe: [reiserfs-list] major security bug in reiserfs (may affect SuSE Linux)
On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 07:02:08PM +0300, Vladimir V. Saveliev wrote:

> Hmm, wouldn't it make existing long named files unreachable?

This is not of primary interest. Security first.
The only way to recover those files secure without risking a crash
is maybe to let fsck rename those long files after the patch.

Before the 255-limit-patch a rename(2) may work, but without a directory
lookup from userland; quite hard to do.

When I played with Marc's case, I needed to reboot 2 times because I
tried to use tab-expansion on bash to get the filename; which caused
a machine freeze.

perl -e 'rmdir "x" x 768' worked,

or under bash

rmdir <ESC>768x should work, too.

Really, the 255-limit is essential as long as "struct dirent/64" has
d_name[255] hard coded. Somebody should send Drepper a patch;
I did not understand why he accepted a NAME_MAX of 4032 patch for
reiserfs while knowing the hardcoded dirent limit.


ciao -

" ( cd /lib ; ln -s ) "

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