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SubjectRe: [revisited] Oops on boot with 2.4.0testX and GCC snapshots
On 1 Jan 2001, at 19:00, Andreas Franck wrote:

> Hello together,
> after all the new year's celebrations, I have today taken the time to create
> a small patch, based on Linus' idea, that will fix this problem in the
> kernel, _without_ pessimizing any code or breaking with earlier compilers.
> 2.4.0-prerelease is now running here for an hour compiled completely with
> gcc-snapshot-2.97-20001222, without any noticed problems (so far).
> Perhaps this could be included in the kernel to enable people to look for the
> real caveats when compiling everything on the bleeding edge, or should we
> wait for the GCC maintainers' call - I haven't had any reaction on my bug
> report yet.
> Along with it is a small fix for a typo in fs/umsdos/mangle.c, which was
> detected by GCC's new preprocessor (#elseif instead of #else).
> Greetings and a happy new year to everyone,
> Andreas
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> ->>>----------------------- Andreas Franck --------<<<-
> ---<<<---- --->>>---
> ->>>---- Keep smiling! ----------------------------<<<-

Thanks, this patch works for me. I'm using gcc-2.97-20001225.
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