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SubjectRe: NFS-Root on AIX
On Mon, 1 Jan 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Last we had to use an AIX-Server as NFS-Server for NFSRoot-Boot.
> >
> > It did not work, because the all Major-Device-Numbers in /dev/ are all
> > set to 0. The minor numbers are transported correctly.
> NFS doesnt handle this elegantly for NFSv2 - are you using v2 or v3 ?
That's the question! What does the RedHat 7 support? ;-)

Where is the switching for v2 or v3 as nfs-client done?
Kernel-Config CONFIG_NFS_V3 or mount-option nfsvers?

Which version does the nfsroot-boot use?

BYtE Oli

+++Manchmal stehe ich sogar nachts auf und installiere mir eins....+++++++

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