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We've a machine that has been suffering Oops over the last few days
after weeks of stability. I'll post more on that later. My current
problem is a bunch of Oops that klogd has resolved the addresses on.
Problem is, I've just worked out the machine has /boot/ as
the wrong map.


01:52:30 EIP: 0010:[dput+77/328]

I believe I should be able to look up dput in the klogd is
using, add on the offset, and then look that number up in the real Is this doable?

If so, can someone please explain what the `+77/328' indicates above
and what number that means I should add onto the 0xc0130b14 value dput
has in the wrong map. My background is ARM and PowerPC architectures,
where as this is x86.



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