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Who is Dave and What is Dave's Power Store?

Dave of Dave's Power Store is David Greenwalt, a midwestern
born and raised 35 year old who lives and loves his family,
business, and the sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting in
that order. In fact Dave is the one writing this so I'll
quit talking in the third person. :-)

In 1987, after attaining a Bachelor in Science degree from
an Illinois state university and marrying my high school
sweetheart I started my first business by purchasing an
existing, but failing gym in the small town of Dixon
Illinois. Co-Ed Fitness Center was mine! At the same time I
was a Dixon Police Officer. Even though I put in 40-50
hours of shift work per week as a police officer the
additional hours necessary to make Co-Ed thrive were hours
that really didn't feel that much like work. I knew right
away that the health business was where my heart really
stood. After all, weight lifting was a passion I'd had
since 1982.

After a couple of years of growth, new equipment purchases
and other improvements, Co-Ed continued to grow, however, in
a town of only 15,000 people "making it" in the gym business
was becoming less of a reality. I continued to work as a
police officer and in 1990 was hired by the Illinois State

Shortly after being hired by the State Police I sold Co-Ed
Fitness. The Illinois State Police requires all recruits to
attend a state police academy for six full months! I knew I
wouldn't be able to run the gym and attend the academy at
the same time.

After graduating from the academy and getting settled,
finally back in my home town of Dixon, I felt an emptiness
and knew I wanted to start another business again. It was
in 1992 that I started a tiny little company called The
Power Store by selling supplements to a few local people.
And when I say a few local people, I mean a few local
people! People were coming to my home to buy them or I
hand-delivered all of them to their home and hoped they'd
pay me in a reasonable time. To say my business plan was
suffering is an understatement.

During The Power Store's formative years I took every call,
ordered every product for inventory (3 shelves in a room 10
X 15), picked every product and packed every order. My wife
was working full time during The Power Store's early years
and we had two of our now three beautiful children. So in
between wiping snotty noses, giving hugs, changing diapers,
reading stories and wrestling with my two boys I worked full
time as an Illinois State Trooper. I can still remember a
common practice that makes me cringe a bit today and wonder
how I really did it then. It wasn't uncommon to have 2-4
orders per day during this time and I always wanted to make
sure the orders got out on time, regardless of the seasons
or weather in Illinois. In the Winter time the routine
consisted of packing two orders on a bitterly cold day that
had to get out to be delivered on time. What did this mean
for me then? It meant continuing to juggle the duties of a
State Trooper with packing up one infant boy and a toddler
in full Winter gear into my beater car, after packing the
whopping two orders, and driving fifteen miles to a UPS
center so I could make sure the orders got out on time. I
finally grew enough to ask UPS to come to my home. Thank
goodness for that!

The Power Store continued to grow by word of mouth and small
advertisements in magazines and in 1993 I had to move the
business out of my home. I'm generally a very private
person and I just couldn't have all these local people
coming to my home at all hours of the day and night. I
hired my first real employee in September of 1993 and hoped
the phone would keep ringing. Remember, no internet in
1993. And the phone did keep ringing. In fact, the phone
has been ringing ever since but now the internet is
beginning to silence the tone.

By 1997 The Power Store was one of the largest sports
supplement catalog retailers in the country. I attribute
the growth to my midwestern values learned from my mother
and father who instilled in me a commitment to service and
quality. I then instilled the same values into every
employee I hired and continue to do so. "Getting by" or
"good enough" didn't cut it and never has cut it. Because
I'm such a strong critic of the way others don't service
their customers and make their customers feel as though they
are the ones being done the favor I have made sure that
Power Store customers know the relationship is a mutual one.
Yes, The Power Store provides high quality products at
unbelievable prices but if it weren't for our customers we
wouldn't exist and we value every customer, big or small.

To wrap up the store's history quickly, The Power Store
continues to live it's own life as a strong catalog/internet
company with a retail store in Sterling Illinois as well.
We continue to deliver quality products at the absolute
lowest everyday prices and I still understand the importance
of delivering service and products on-time and so do my
employees, many of who have been with me since 1993 or 1994.

As far as me personally, well, I no longer work for the
Illinois State Police but still believe it's one of the
greatest organizations a police officer could work for. In
1996 I committed to running The Power Store full time and
then some as anyone who owns their own business and loves it
can imagine.

I still reside in Dixon Illinois and even though we don't
have a great restaurant or Broadway in this small town we
have family values and the same midwestern ethics that
helped me become the husband, father and businessman I am

I've competed in powerlifting (was NASA Wisconsin state
champ at 220 pounds) and been a powerlifting meet promoter
on no less than ten occasions. In 1995 I turned in my
enthusiasm for powerlifting competitions in favor of
bodybuilding competitions and continue to train for and
compete in natural bodybuilding competitions today.

Although I attained a Bachelor in Science I really learned
about dietary supplements by reading everything I could get
my hands on, finding out what Medline was and reading
endless stacks of full research papers, and living the fat
loss/muscle gain lifestyle for the past 20 years. I've also
written well over a hundred articles on supplements and
training, many of which can be found at our website under
the ARTICLES link. I've also been published in Muscle &
Fitness, Peak Training, and been a ghost writer for many
others. I'm also a Certified Strength & Conditioning
Specialist (CSCS) certified by the National Strength &
Conditioning Association. I presently coach over 200 people
every month through my Coaching Club and thoroughly enjoy
the friendships and amazing transformations I've been partly
responsible for creating through the club.

I recently wrote a book called "The Leanness Lifestyle",
currently in its 3rd edition, which is a 350 page compendium
of everything I currently know to help anyone wanting to
strip fat and add or keep precious muscle.

Thank you so much for your time and getting to know me a
bit. If you are inclined to do so don't hesitate to drop me
a note on paper or e-mail. I try to answer every letter but
it might take a while.

In health & performance,

David Greenwalt CSCS - President
Dave's Power Store
1011 North Galena Ave
Dixon, IL 61021
815-288-7433 FAX

P.S.: If you would like to secure your own copy of "The
Leanness Lifestyle" or find out more about the latest
edition of it please go directly to

P.P.S.: If you would like to find out more about becoming a
Coaching Club member go directly to

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