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SubjectRe: OFF TOPIC - email solution required
Sean Harding wrote:

> How was fetchmail deficient? fetchmail + procmail should be able to do
> everything you're asking for.
> sean
> --
> Sean Harding |"You never know who's still awake
> | you never know who understands."
> | --Dar Williams

wow that was fast!
The issues I am having with fetchmail

1. it does not seem to be configuring well, and I can't get it to accept the
fact that my domain is not the domain where any of my mail is comming from,
with the exceptions of what im toying with never to be read by others
2. its bouncing email, from the pop account, which I cant figure out yet.
3. and when it retrieves 15 messages im not getting 15 new messages
4. the worst one of them all I still dont know how to make it work.
however i think I am currently using fetchmail and exim, ill have to switch
and see if exim is the problem.

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