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SubjectOFF TOPIC - email solution required
I am currnetly using Redhat Linux 6.2, and am having serious difficulty
finding the "right" email tools, and as this list is often times huge,
and is also linux based, I figured some of you might be using that
tool, i have not found.

here are some of the things I have tried
and im stuck using netscape for now :(
I have gone thru a few software houses looking for email solutions
with no luck.

Here are some of the requirements
REALLY easy setup and maintain for only 1 user(I think this one is
going to kill me)
The ability to create some advanced filters, moving email into
folders, with out bouncing them back! (if the first one did not kill me
this one just might)
The ability to recieve and handle thousands of emails a day
I am the only Real user, so all email should be sent to my user
however i like to play so the addition of accounts and such
should be possible
I would like to recieve mail for the local domain and all of the
me's there are.
I recieve email from many different POP accounts more than 10
I would like to eventually set up an IMAP server on my computer
using the retrieved email's (for reading from other local computers)
I need the ability to send email. (single user network) with the
hops of sending from other local computers in the future. multiple me's

And yes the point of this is to get away from M$ products, so thats not
an option either.

Thanks for the time and any responses

Richard Reynolds

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