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Subjectnon-PnP SB AWE32 misbehaving in test7 or newer

In the patch for test7, the lines:
@@ -189,7 +190,7 @@
static int isapnp = 1;
static int isapnpjump = 0;
-static int multiple = 0;
+static int multiple = 1;
static int reverse = 0;
static int uart401 = 0;

@@ -198,7 +199,7 @@
static int opl_activated[SB_CARDS_MAX] = {0};
static int isapnp = 0;
-static int multiple = 1;
+static int multiple = 0;

Cause my soundcard to fail to init.

If using "modprobe sound", sb.o initializes the soundcard, reserves the
resources, then loops looking for a second soundcard (check_region(
0x220, 16 ) returns -EBUSY as expected - the soundcard has already been
found), and fails miserably, not freeing resources.
modprobe then attempts to unwind the other modules, sb_lib, uart401,
sound, and soundcore. the last one fails with a refcount of 2 and
nothing using it.
additionally, it trashes the kernel's notion of /proc/interrupts and
/proc/ioports - cat on either of them drops core.
The soundcard in question is a very very old soundblaster awe32, it is
not plug and play yet it has no jumpers! It identifies with a DSP
version 4.13

Somewhere else in the patch, while searching for the text in question, I
noted a comment in Documentation/sound/SoundBlaster
-multiple=1 Set to enable detection of multiple Soundblaster cards.
+multiple=0 Set to disable detection of multiple Soundblaster cards.
+ Consider it a bug if this option is needed, and send in
+ report.

Here's your report. :)

I've noted one or two other posts to the list with the same / similar

If anyone wants more or less details, pls let me know.

Gerard Sharp
Two Penguins on 2.4.0-test6
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