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Subjectcpqarray, Smart-2 DH controller, and moving large files
Is there anybody on LKML who is maintaining the cpqarray driver in the 2.4
series of kernels? If there is, I suspect that I am having problems related to
this driver. It is hard to tell what the first bout of OOPSen are, as they
scroll by with lightning speed, but I can make the kernel panic every time that
I take a file that is around 30-50MB and untar it. It gets so far and then the
messages fly. If I try (I don't know why I try, it has not worked yet) to
ALT-SysRq-U or S, I get nothing. I can reboot, however. As it only happens
when there is significant I/O on the array controller, I am looking there,
first. Whatever information I can give, I will be happy to supply, please let
me know of any theories that may help. Thanks in advance.

Glenn C. Hofmann

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