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SubjectRe: test8-pre6 file corruption and oops
"Juan J. Quintela" wrote:

> >>>>> "kenneth" == Kenneth Johansson <> writes:
> kenneth> Is there some way I can fix the old report I don't have a unprocessed version of the oops as klogd "fixed" it automatically.
> I don't think so. It is a good idea to run klogd with the -x option,
> to prevent him from doind the translation.

I checked into this some more and debian have a patched version that actually gets it right and it did not take the symbols from the link. It was easy to check as that mapfile don't even have the "__mon_yday" symbol so it must have got the symbols from
another file and unless it's seriously broken it should have picked the right one.

So it lookes like the call trace was wrong and not the map file.

I have now put "-k /boot/$(uname -r)" as argument to klogd so it can't possibly choose the wrong file but is there some
reason to turn off the lookup in klogd and use ksymoops ??

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