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SubjectRe: Compilation failure on Alpha with test8-pre[2-6]

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Ivan Kokshaysky wrote:

> Yes, I can reproduce this with gcc-2.95.2 (compiles cleanly with 2.96).
> Looks like older gcc doesn't like when output operand 5 listed
> also as input. Hmm.
> Simple swapping operands 4 and 5 makes gcc happy.

Great. I'll apply the patch and see where the next breakage is :-P I
believe there was a problem in the netfilter code
(net/ipv4/netfilter/ipt_REJECT.c, lines 67-68) with the selection of
which xchg() to use (either __xchg_u32() or __xchg_u64()as detailed in
include/asm-alpha/system.h) since it's apparently trying to use
__xchg_called_with_bad_pointer(), which is undefined on purpose. So
either something's not getting called properly or the detection is messed
up (still have to look into it).


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