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Subject[release] packet-0.0.2c

This project has been sleeping for a while, so I thought it was about time
something happened. And now it has - I've put up version 0.0.2c of the
CD-RW packet writing module, aka the "happy birthday grandma" release 8)

A summary of some of the changes:

- inc usage count of buffer heads
- add internal buffer pool to avoid deadlock on oom
- gather data for as many buffers as we have, before initiating write. this
allows the laser to stay on longer, giving better performance.
- fix always busy when tray can't be locked
- remove request duplication nastiness, inject directly into the target
- adapted to devfs and elevator changes
- added proc interface

Not a whole lot, this is just to get the ball rolling again. However,
the addition of the internal buffer pool was something that should have
been added a long time ago. So this release should be significantly more
stable than 0.0.2b -- at least it is for me, your mileage may vary.

The patch is against 2.4.0-test7 and can be found at:



* Jens Axboe <>
* SuSE Labs
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