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Martin Dalecki <> writes:

> There is some facility allowing to implement this kind of things
> in the C++ part of the most recent EGCS version which makes implementing
> such things "relatively" easy - basiclly there is the provision to dump
> the parser trees as easy to process ascii text already there.
> Basically I think this dererr of syntactical analysis can only be
> implementen by serious help from the compiler.

Luckily, as you said, GCC can do it :) g++ only, for now, but this
should change.

> Maybe this is a new argument to facilitate at least correct syntactical
> processing of the kernel by the C++ flavour of EGCS?

No. By the time GCC 3.0 comes out, function-at-a-time processing will
have migrated to C as well; the process is already underway.

> Please note that this wouldn't need to generate really executable code -
> which as we all know is rather difficult due to the extensive runtime
> support as well as ehm. the wired calling conventions C++ is oppressing
> on the compiler... Just correct syntactical processing is all what's
> neccessary -

But it isn't needed; GCC 3.0 should support this sort of thing in C,
too, unless there is something I am missing.

`OS's and GUI's come and go, only Emacs has lasting power.' --- Per Abrahamsen
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