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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup through kernel module
Date said:
> We used to have the iBCS2 project, and I was actually considering
> making it part of the standard kernel when it started becoming a
> non-issue simply because there started to be more native Linux
> programs than iBCS2 programs.

Actually, you seemed to be considering it quite seriously a few months
back. I spent a week cleaning it up at your request, but then I think the
mail containing the patch was sent at about the same time as you sent the
mail announcing the feature freeze. As I knew the feature freeze was
coming, I was quite rushed, so I didn't clean it up as much as perhaps I
should have done.

There are still good reasons for including it. The PA-RISC people want HPUX
emulation, which shares a lot of code with the other *NIX emulations.

I was intending to dust it off and spend a little more time cleaning it up
properly when you started taking patches for 2.5.

I'd actually quite like to see support for older Linux personalities
also being shifted into a configurable module along with the other
emulations - there's a lot of cruft that you can safely eliminate on an
embedded system where you _know_ they're never going to be running libc5


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