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SubjectRe: [PATCH] panic when booting Intel XXPRESS SMP boards

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> While you may surely use your patch for now, I don't think it's good as a
> general solution. I think we should either handle all busses (some of
> them were never actually used for i386 machines) or leave the code as is.
> By handling of all busses I mean not to choke on them unless there is an
> interrupt entry referring to such a bus. This would fullfill the first
> reason but not the second one. That wouldn't be a major failure, I
> suppose, as we are not collectors of hardware configuration specs anyway
> (anyone?).

I'm doing an alternative patch that just igores unknown buses, because
paniccing is definitely the wrong answer for anything but some early
debugging ("did I catch all the relevant cases?").

It looks like the simplest solution is to just make bus number 0 be
"unknown", and leave it at that (and start ISA etc from 1). Wouldn't you

I'd love to have somebody (yes, you) look at the actual MP table and see
if there is something special with the XXPRESS bus, but in the end even if
we don't know a bus we're better off always just mentioning the fact
("Unknown bus XXXX") and going on with our life. Maybe the system won't
work simply becasue we won't find any critical devices off the bus, but if
we panic we _know_ that it won't work, so..


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