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Subject[PATCH] BeOS fs support for 2.2.16 update
This is the third in a series to add readonly BeOS fs
support to 2.2.16. Changes in this version:

o re-enabled functions in debug.c - must edit include/linux/beos_fs.h
and enable BEOS_DEBUG define to use. Removed most printk's.
o Beginning of write support. This does not work, yet.

Notes: I will release another patch for 2.2.18preX if desired, but
the only part that fuzzes out is the patching of fs.h, which should
be easy enough to fix.
I am in contact with the author of befs and the original author
of this code, so hopefully write support will happen RSN.
I plan to continue working to port to 2.4, but am thinking to
wait until the outcome of write support efforts.

Am I attaching this correctly?

Miles Lott -
Handspring Visor USB and BeOS FS support for Linux[unhandled content-type:application/x-gzip]
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