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SubjectRe: kernel 2.2.17 build rebootsy
>> When the new kernel boots it just reboots itself. The screen flash is so
>> brief that I can't see exactly how far it gets. ? about one full screen.
>try configuring it for a lower processor (say, 486 to be conservative).

Same, even for a 386, albeit a bit slower

>> The same result no matter how I configure the build except that i get a
>> hang if I enable apm.
>do you mean that it boots fine without apm?

No, with apm it hangs at the IDE allocation after it has identified the
PIIX4. I assume it doesn't get far enough to reboot.

>> Any suggestions about where to go? How can I be sure the hardware is okay?
>> How can I isolate what is causing the reboot?
>serial console, for one.

I only have one machine, so I think that is out, although I am getting out
of my depth here. What would I need?


Mark Hindley

Director of the Music Centre
University of St Andrews

01334 462226/7

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