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SubjectRe: Problems with bluesmoke.c in 2.2.17
> And here's another sample output for you:
> CPU 1: Machine Check Exception: 0000000400000000<0>Bank 0: f200010000000800general protection fault: 0000
> CPU: 1
> EIP: 0010:[mcheck_fault+263/368]
> EFLAGS: 00010246
> ...
> I seldom get a log entry, most of the time I get the first line on all my
> xterms and then a hard lock.
> And Alan, in case you don't know about it, there's a kernel module
> that reports RAM ECC errors at
> It seems related, maybe you will find some of the code useful.

It handles the bus/chipset layer above what the MCE code monitors. Its the
other half of the code. And yes both are important. Its difficult to claim
a highly available and reliable system when it doesnt detect and log errors
for analysis.

I've fixed a couple of bugs, when 2.2.18pre4 is out can you try it and get
another trap out of it. It should this time log it nicely and panic cleanly
not oops.

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