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SubjectRe: [PATCH] panic when booting Intel XXPRESS SMP boards
> I'd love to have somebody (yes, you) look at the actual MP table and see
> if there is something special with the XXPRESS bus, but in the end even if
> we don't know a bus we're better off always just mentioning the fact
> ("Unknown bus XXXX") and going on with our life. Maybe the system won't
> work simply becasue we won't find any critical devices off the bus, but if
> we panic we _know_ that it won't work, so..

By way of comment to back that up - 2.2 has been booted on boxes with both
xpress bus (works fine) and corollary cbus (panics cleanly unable to find
devices) so I think printking a warning and carrying on is a good choice

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