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SubjectRe: where can I get kmod ?
Ahmed El-Mahmoudy wrote:
> I read in Documentation/kmod.txt that kmod is preferred over kerneld, is
> 'kmod' a part of the linux kernel or is it a separate program like
> 'kerneld'? and if it is a separate program, from where can I download it
'kmod' is part of the kernel, its source is part of the kernel source.

> ? and if it were a part of linux kernel, is it inside the kernel, so it is
> loaded when I start linux, or is it a module to load or what ?
> thanks...
You 'get' kmod by configuring your kernel properly. Use 'make
or similiar. Turn on "loadable module support" and "kernel module
The latter is kmod.

You also need the "modutils" package to actually have modules loaded.
The usual distributions comes with this, or get it from freshmeat.

Helge Hafting
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