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SubjectRe: Availability of kdb
Christer Weinigel wrote:
> [] wrote:
> >I'm really kind of surprised that companies like SuSE, VA and RedHat
> >haven't started talking about forking the kernel already. Those companies
> >are serving the administrators and managers whose needs you are openly
> >admitting that you are not concerned with. For those companies the
> >present state of affairs isn't sustainable.
> If you haven't noticed, they already do. The kernel shipped from
> RedHat has quite a few patches applied that arent in Linus' tree.
> There's nothing stopping them from doing the same thing with
> the KGDB or IKD patch.

Yes, for example I doubt Mandrake would need much encouragement to
start doing that - it's just one more way to get a little bit out in
front of the pack. This will be fine for stable kernels in shipping
distributions, IOW, for newbies, the unwashed masses, and the just
plain lazy.

For the unstable tree I can pick up the SGI patch from time to time.
When I go so far out on the bleeding edge that SGI hasn't updated the
patch yet I'll just bare my hairy chest and wrestle those bugs into
submission with my bare hands like a man

To tell the truth it's what I've been doing anyway, except for the
part about the hairy chest. :-)

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