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SubjectRe: modules_install?
On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:
>> Well, there's butt-loads of ugly Makefile shit all over the place. It
>> isn't going away.
>Some of it went away when Keith Owens rewrote modules-install.

Some, but not all. Some of the things necessary/desired for the kernel
build requires some ugly "neat hacks" to be put in there. (like the recorded
compile flags -- what would be called a configuration record in Clearcase.)

>More of it went away between 2.2 and 2.4. Check out drivers/net/Makefile
>or drivers/scsi/Makefile or lots of other Makefiles, for instance.
>They are 1/3 the size they used to be.

Yes, and they _still_ needlessly rebuild somethings every time make is called.

>Here's my contribution to making it go away:
>Where is yours?

On my machines. I've stared at the Makefile spooge for a decade, as have
a lot of people. However, NO ONE has taken the time (I'm talking weeks of
doing nothing but screwing with Makefiles) to completely rewrite the build
system. I do not enjoying doing such things even when I _am_ paid to do it.

>> (BTW, the current modutils (2.3.15) won't see all the modules from a
>> modules_install.)
>Oh? That would be a bug. Which modules does it fail to see?

ALL of them. Everything is under subdirs of kernel which depmod isn't
scanning. (pcmcia is there by symlinks)

>So, go benchmark "insmods per second". I want to see a %age from some
>controlled test where the only differences are the module arrangement
>and the version of modutils used.
>Then tell us about what use case you have where this metric matters.

It's attitudes like that that have made Microsoft products a laughing stock.
A millisecond here and there adds up over time. In case you've forgotten,
Linux _used_ to run very well on 386 and 486 systems (in the 25 to 50 MHz
range.) What's the point in making processors faster if everyone just
wastes the increase being "correct and simple"?


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