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SubjectRe: Linux/MANOS Kernel Debugger

Bryan Sparks at Lineo has given TRG an unlimited distribution license
for DR-DOS which is what we will provide for the DOS loadable versions
of MANOS freely from our website. Lineo also distributes free DR-DOS.
At present, I am putting the MANOS debugger into Linux proper without
DOS but ext2 instead.


Admin Mailing Lists wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> >
> > Actually, the solution I think would be to use the MSDOS loader to boot
> > linux. I will look at grabbing the ELF code in Linux and loading Linux
> > from MSDOS -- if this can be accomplished you're there -- with an added
> > benfit. When I am debugging MANOS, the source files and OS actually
> > load from another NetWare server over a DOS connection (pretty slick) so
> > in my setup the files are always remote, though they could just as well
> > reside on a local fat partiton. Having DOS resident underneath gives
> > you all kinds of cool stuff you can do (you will note that while MANOS
> > is active in memory, DOS is still resident underneath and accessible).
> >
> > Perhaps the way to do this unobtrusively would be a different loader for
> > Linux (a DOS loader) that will run the debugger underneath. The
> > debugger in MANOS is self contained, and you will note has few
> > dependencies on the OS code of any kind -- it was developed this way
> > intentionally. We just take the MANOS loader, rip out the kernel, load
> > Linux from LLOADER.386, and the debugger is there!
> >
> since you'd be using DOS, wouldn't you need a MS license then for every
> kernel debugger you put out there?
> -Cygnus
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> Intergrafix Internet Services
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