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SubjectRe: 2.2.18pre2aa2 and patches for 2.2.18pre3
On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Boszormenyi Zoltan wrote:

>It contains code in arch/i386/mtrr.c that looks pretty much like
>my "64 bit MTRR" patch that was posted on lkml some time last year
>and makes use of the full 36 bit MTRR address and size on Intel and
>44 bits on AMD Athlon. BTW my patch contained some new ioctls
>which exports this capability to user space...

Correct, it handles the full 36bit MTRR. I received the patch from David
Wragg <> a few months ago claiming it was fixing a problem
with bigmem (however bigmem handle at max 4G, thus I guess it would fix
problems also for the stock kernel on machines with more than 4G, but of
course if you have more than 4G and you run 2.2.x you're for sure using
bigmem :).

While sending me the patch David Wragg told me:

"... Mark Vojkovich at VA Linux found the problem. ..."

Then I checked the patch with the reference manual at hand, it was correct
and I included it into the bigmem patch as a bugfix.

>Which of the smaller patches contain this code?


>Your comments do not describe this particular piece of code.

I'll try to rember to mention this particular bugfix in bigmem in the
future. If you were the author let me know and I'll add your name (however
you should check with David, they may have implemented it indipendently).
I sure _want_ to give credits to people who deserves them so I appreciate
the clarification.


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