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SubjectRe: Screen corruption on startup 2.4.0-test7
On Wed, Sep 06, 2000 at 04:13:50PM -0400, James Simmons wrote:
> > > What video driver are you using? Fbcon or vgacon? If Fbcon which fbdev
> > > driver in particular?
> > >
> > This would be vgacon, having never figured out if it's even possible
> > to get framebuffers working on the machine.
> >
> > Also, the normal power-saving/screen-saving function of blanking the
> > screen is not working.
> Vgacon !!! Have you tried putting that video card in another machine and
> testing the same kernel? Trust me. When I was a sys admin the first thing
> we did was swap hardware into another machine to see if it was a hardware
> problem.
A further follow-up to my previous response to this... Now I have
rebooted the old laptop under 2.2.17. It was pretty ugly. I suspect
(because this is what I've seen with incarnations of this problem in
previous versions) that the video hardware was still upset with
whatever happened with 2.4.0-test7. A full shutdown/power off and
reboot cleared the problem.

Note that this problem has only appeared after rebooting from a 2.3.x
or 2.4.0-testx kernel without a full power down. As long as I never
bring up a newer kernel AND do a shutdown -r, I don't have this

I'm a little puzzled that my previous response hasn't appeared on this
list yet but I've seen long delays before so I guess I shouldn't be
too alarmed. Basically, it came down to noting that it's difficult to
move a video card from a laptop and that the problem seemed to have
gone away after I rebooted to 2.2.16 (though I recall now seeing some
corruption while it was booting, but nothing like the full-scale
lockout I had with 2.4.0-test7) -- the keyboard was usable under

David Benfell
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