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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Withdrawl of Open Source NDS Project/NTFS/M2FS forLinux
On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

>"Mike A. Harris" wrote:
>Here Mike, we need to update your email signature block to reflect your
>new avocation (this is where I try to be your mega-buddy). I think the
>reason I'm so obtuse is that God gave me such a thick skin (or perhaps a
>thick skull).

Oh, don't get me wrong Jeff... I'm saddened for the injury of
your friend, as I don't like to hear of any human tradgedy such
as that. I surely hope that he recovers indeed.

That is separate however from my comments concerning yourself.
When someone comes on linux-kernel, presumeably because they are
interested deeply in Linux and supporting it by developing new
code for it, drivers, etc.., and then every time there is a
"writers block" or some other problem comes up, they denounce
Linux as a platform, claim it is inferior to other OS's which
they are developing for, retract code, etc... it wears thin
after a while. Especially when they attack core developers for
no real apparent reason other than perhaps programmers
frustration, and then apologize 10 minutes later, just to do it
again the next day.

I've watched your threads for as long as you've been here, and I
don't doubt that you're a skilled programmer at all. I just
don't agree with your methods every time a problem occurs.
Politely pointing out problems with Linux and discussing a sane
manner in how to correct the problem is fine. Complaining and
denouncing Linux and putting it behind NT, etc.. on the
linux-kernel mailing list, is a sure-fire way to get messages
back such as what I wrote. The Linux community consists of a
group of many people who think very highly of Linux, for their
own reasons, and when it becomes attacked needlessly by someone
such as yourself, in a forum like this, it is just flame
bait. Emotions towards Linux in here are like emotions towards
Ford trucks to a truck nut. Offend a Ford, deal with the wrath
of the truck guy. Words get spoken, life goes on.

You choose to vent about your Linux frustrations in here knowing
full well, that you'll offend people or upset people when you
do. My response is nothing more than a reaction to that. I
normally don't respond to your posts about these sort of things
because I try to get beyond that type of thing. But just as you
need to vent about how much Linux sucks, I need to vent about how
much it pisses me off when people make FUD about Linux by saying
it sucks. Your mail had no mention whatsoever of any hint of a
"joke", and your tone didn't hint at that either. I don't think
there was any joke. Either you were dead serious, trolling, or
were venting frustrations. When you do so, you get brown stuff
back. I vent now and again too, and I get brown stuff back
sometimes because of it as well. I change my shirt and go on...

So, do what you need to do for yourself, but realize that
everyone else will do what they need to do for themselves as
well. Offending most of the core linux developers all the time
is hardly going to make you look good, or get anywhere. If you
don't like Linux, and cant do what you'd like with it in a costly
manner, then _please_ use NT, or Novell, or MANOS, and DO IT
rather than talking about how much better they are, and sticking
with Linux for development. I just don't understand the logic,
thats all.

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate
Computer Consultant GNU advocate
Capslock Consulting Open Source advocate

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