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SubjectRe: Linux/MANOS Kernel Debugger

"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:


I gave this considerable thought last night, and I have come to the
conclusion that the only person who could put this into Linux as
unobstrusively as possible is me, since I wrote it. I am looking at 2.4
today, and I will start moving the code and striping down MANOS to
prepare a patch. Xcalls will be ugly. I am told that I need to use
diff -Naur file1 file2 since the last patches I submited used an older
format. I will post the MANOS debugger patch for IA32 at next week before I go to NetWorld InterOp in
Atlanta. Folks who want to port it to IA64 or other processors can
download the code and repost changes and patches to list (I am getting pretty good at running
diff and patch now). The mailing list will be up next week.

Anyone wanting to stone me for posting this thread is invited to come by
Linux NetWorX booth at the show demoing a Distributed FIle System (M2FS)
on Linux. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.


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