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SubjectRe: [Danger] Re: test8-pre4: innd fixed?
On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 10:41:43AM +0200, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Of the 650 messages I kept in my Inbox, only the first 51
> remained. The rest was replaced by 0x00. Not nice. Not at all. Feels
> like your ordinary Microsoft Word virus. Nothing like that happened
> with earlier kernels up to -test7.

Believe it or not, but I just saw something similar on test7 while
reading linux-kernel with Mutt. A recent message to linux-kernel from
Daniel Philips got partly zeroed out, and partly tangled up with a
message from the debian-user mailing lists. This message had a very
long From: line. Here's the weird message:

Ah, I'm glad I stumbled on this message because I was just getting
ready to make an argument about why setting ->i_size shouldn't be done
in vmtruncate, at least not before the fs-specific truncate is done.
OK, I'll summarize here anyway: as it stands, a valuable piece of
information - the previous size of the file - is getting stepped on
just before inode->i_op->truncate(inode) gets called. This leads to
some messy posturing if you need to know the old size before going to
the new size.

The clean solution would be:

inode->i_op->truncate(inode, offset);

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if there is no /etc/resolv.conf then you can create it.

debian prompts for DNS settings during install but if whoever installed
it did not enter them i imagine it wouldn't create a resolv.conf.

you can (as root) do:

echo "nameserver IP_OF_NAMESERVER" >/etc/resolv.conf

to create a basic resolv.conf


Adrian Nims wrote:
> I can't find any /etc/resolv.conf file in Debian distribution. Do you know
> were it is or what similar file do I need to configure in order to set up
> this Debian box to specify the LAN DNS he should use ?
> Adrian Nims
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