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Subjectdds4 problems in 2.2.14 (RH6.2)
We are trying to use a Dell poweredge 1300 with a dds4 tape drive 
When we try reading from a tape, the reading process gets stuck in D state
after the last data has been read. According to ps l, the process is stuck
in down_failed. Turning hardware compression on and off, or switching to a
DDS2 tape does not solve the problem.

This is the tape drive (AKA Dell PowerVault 100T DDS4 Drive)
Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 06 Lun:
Vendor: ARCHIVE Model: Python 06408-XXX Rev: 8071
Type: Sequential-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 03

The SCSI card is an adaptec :
SCSI Adapter: Adaptec AHA-294X Ultra2 SCSI host adapter
Ultra-2 LVD/SE Wide Controller at PCI 0/13/0

The system is running stock RedHat 6.2
2.2.14-6.1.1smp (the problem also occurs with an up kernel, we still have
to switch the default boot).

Is there anything we can try ?

Thanks in advance,

Frank Gevaerts
Formal and Knowledge Systems
Luikersteenweg 65
B-3500 Hasselt

tel : (32)11/214911 fax : (32)11/220419
email :

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