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SubjectRe: zero-copy TCP

Intel Nitro Card - i960 processor on the card. The SMP debugging
involved the use of a bus analyser since this card had a piggish memory
bus footprint (i960 processors do not have an IO address space, so
everything is memory mapped. The big weakness of early I2O stuff was
that the I960 running off on the boards had access to the memory bus of
these early systems. Performace problems that were related to passing
messages to the embedded OS running on the i960 on the Nitro Card, and
it "missing" messages when two processors were talking to it at once.

oink, oink, oink!


Jes Sorensen wrote:
> >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff V Merkey <> writes:
> Jeff> There's been a few cards around since about 1995, but I don't
> Jeff> remember all of them. I do remember having to debug SMP code on
> Jeff> them though -- yechhhh!!!!
> I wouldn't be surprised but I would prefer names. Doing SMP aware
> device drivers is not hard though.
> Jes
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