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SubjectRe: [Danger] Re: test8-pre4: innd fixed?
Simon Kirby wrote:

> There is something definitely now even more broken with test8pre4.
> I just upgraded to test8pre4 from test7 and was reading this and some
> other emails with mutt. Upon quiting mutt, mutt reported that there was
> some sort of error while attempting to write the folder. My folder now
> looks like this:
> <1073152 bytes of the start of original folder>
> <67045376 bytes of NULL (0x00)>
> <51704 bytes of the end of the original folder>
> Obviously, the folder was in need of some pruning to begin with, but this
> pruned a bit more than I would have liked.
> I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but it definitely didn't happen
> before with test7.

The exact same thing happened to my Inbox just now. I am using Netscape
Messenger and the latest build from the bitkeeper tree for ppc, which is
upt-to-date with 2.4.0-test8-pre4.

Of the 650 messages I kept in my Inbox, only the first 51 remained. The
rest was replaced by 0x00. Not nice. Not at all. Feels like your
ordinary Microsoft Word virus. Nothing like that happened with earlier
kernels up to -test7.

So I would like to warn anyone to touch this thing with a very long pole
And Linus, please back out this evil viruslike bug.

The last message that stayed is one with a very long "To:" header, so
this may be the trigger for the bug. I have had this message in my Inbox
for 6 months without problems.

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