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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Withdrawl of Open Source NDS Project/NTFS/M2FS for Linux
On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Marek Habersack wrote:

>> > > Linux is more buggy than NT, but at least the source code comes with it
>> > > so there's no excuse for not getting soeone to fix it ....
>> > Excuse me for adding my irrelevant 0.2$ - but what are you doing with Linux
>> > then?? Why don't you just stick with NT and improve NT? If you want NT
>> > source - you can buy it from M$ and the only point that speaks against NT
>> > (as it seems from reading your words) will vanish - you will have NT
>> > sources, kernel debugger, nifty GUI for all the stuff, trained developers,
>> > nice tech support. Let me ask you once again - why are you sticking with
>> > Linux?
>> I guess you don't know when people are joking.
>Yes, it seems so. So you're telling us that this entire thread is joke on
>your part? If not, then please show me the joke above or, for the future,
>mark your "jokes" somehow in the text so that <joke>dumbsticks</joke> like myself can
>uderstand the jokes. Thank you.

You misunderstand... now is the time when Jeff puts the bottle of
booze back in the desk drawer, and tries to "make friends" with
everyone again, using whatever BS tactic of the day he can levy
to stay "Sincerely, your mega buddy Jeff" with the kernel
developers. Today's 3M pulloff excuse is "I was only joking
about Linux totally sucking and NT kicking the penguin's ass".

Tomorrow it will be "Gee guys, lighten up, I'm your super duper
kernel coder pal... I was only kidding around... you see, I
stubbed my toe last night, and... well.. umm... so can we be best
friends again until I act like a jerk and piss you all off
again? I mean it this time... I'll even give you a bunch of
Novell source code that is completely useless to 99.9% of people
out there, and then retract it a few months later..."

Sorry, but I just don't take anything he says too seriously
anymore... it's either trolling, or arguing mostly, or babbling
about how much better other OS's are, but not actually using them
for some reason...


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