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Subjecttest8-pre4 data corruption?

Just a heads up. I've reverted to test7, I was getting wierd things
happening with test8-pre4. Like I lost 90% of the messages in my
inbox. It isn't that Pine/BUGTRAQ thing as I'm using mutt, and I'm
not subscribed to bugtraq.

Also I loaded a page off slashdot - the interview with Kernighan - and
the images were the right size but just binary junk. Had to right
click and do "view image", then they were OK.

I shutdown and rebooted after that, and that's when the inbox problem

No error messages/oopses to report...


PS I'm not subscribed from this address so if there's something that
needs my immediate attention, please cc: me.Hi,

Jon Evans / Red Internet Ltd. / +44 1869 337977
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