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SubjectRe: What the Heck? [Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown]
On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
>FreeServe in the UK have over 3 million dialup users and no spam problem.

Well, the economics of the UK is very different than the US. Besides,
aren't their laws against that sorta stuff over there?

>> It's the same problem EVERY ISP has. RR is just higher profile because
>> of the number of users. Cable/DSL are unlike traditional dialup in that
>> you are always connected as long as the machine is on.
>Then they need more competant admins. It isnt _hard_ to transproxy outgoing
>smtp traffic via a spamtrapper that checks for valid src/destination and

It's not admins, it's less stupid users -- you can group "less" and "stupid"
however you want. As for trapping SMTP traffic... uh, HELL NO. If you
ever want to piss off your customers, start getting in their way. I'd
like to see just how you think you could validate the src/dst/headers?
The "From" address doesn't have to match the network provider to be
valid and only the end-point can validate the "To". Are you gonna
reject my mail because my clock is wrong so the dates in the header are

Don't get me wrong, I hate spam. The only simple way to prevent spam is
to kill the people from whom it is originating -- that means the monkey
with the keyboard pushing the send button.


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