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Subject[OFFTOPIC] Re: What the Heck? [Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown]
On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> Then they need more competant admins. It isnt _hard_ to transproxy outgoing
> smtp traffic via a spamtrapper that checks for valid src/destination and
> headers.

I can't believe that you are suggesting this.

The moment you being to start encouraging commercial ISPs to start
meddling with the packets you destroy end-to-end transparency and shatter
the freedom the Internet has previously experienced from the meddling of
corporate money grabbers.

It would introduce the restriction of services you don't 'need', it would
allow private barriers to bar you from communicating where it's not
economically strategic to your provider. It would allow for service
specific rates.

Ugh. What rubbish.

The moment I detect my provider changing anything beyond a TTL is the
moment I find a new provider.

I'm all for reduced spam, but I think you've absolutely gone over the top
on this one. I can't imagine how much spam you must receive to be willing
to hand over not only your freedom but MINE as well to corporate

As far as broadband service goes, just give the damn users fixed IPs and
let the opt-in blacklists handle them.

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